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You may have noticed I love LUSH Cosmetics!

If you’re not familiar with LUSH, let me fill you in on why they a great, innovative company:
– They make amazing, effective products
– They source ingredients from suppliers who don’t test on animals
– Their products are handmade fresh by locals around the world
– Many of their products are vegan
– They ethically source their ingredients
– They are environmentally friendly and use recycled packaging or no packaging
– They support grassroots charities and are active campaigners

Check out their website: AU, US, UK

I have compiled a list of all the products I have tried HERE, where you can see what reviews are in store for the future. Feel free to comment if you see I have purchased something you would like me to fast-track a review for!

All my LUSH reviews are listed below and include:
– scaled images of the products in the flesh with a size description
– the condition they arrived in if purchased online
– the price and links to the product page on the AU, US and UK websites
– the smell and texture
– how long it lasts and how I store it

A list of all my reviews:


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