LUSH Review: Ceridwen’s Cauldron

ceridwens cauldron

This bath melt is meant to be for irritated, red, itchy skin and claims to soften and hydrate it. This was a relaxing bath before bed. I can’t say how it work at soothing upset skin, but I can say my skin was certainly not softened or hydrated and actually felt a little dry.

Rating: 3/5 Not great, unlikely to repurchase

Use: Bath melt. Pop in the bath while running to soften the water. Once melted you can rub the baggie full of oats on your skin if you like

Effect: Creates milky white water with a thin layer of foamy bubbles.

Smell: Relaxing sandalwood, lavender and frankincense

Texture: The water felt silky smooth, but this didn’t last out of the bath and some patches were drier than when I got in

Frequency: I have tried this a couple of times because it has such great reviews, but this may be one that is only useful for people with very irritated skin. I won’t be buying again

Vegan: Yes

Size: 80g, about 5 cm tall, 7 cm diameter

Lasts: One bath, I have tried using half and it was not worth it

Love: The smell, the colour it turns the bath and how relaxed it made me

Hate: That this didn’t actually soften my skin, and that it’s quite expensive

Condition: Arrived in good condition, it had melted a tiny bit into the plastic bag it was wrapped in

Price: AU $9.95, US $8.45, UK £4.25

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight or it will melt. Keep it in the plastic or paper bag it came in until ready to use

Top Tip: Give it a go if you have really irritated skin, otherwise you’re better off with a Butterball (review to come) if you are after hydrated skin


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