LUSH Review: Enzymion Moisturiser


This moisturiser claims to fix oily and dull skin, leaving skin radiant, matte, and moisturised – and it does just that. Also the smell is seriously addictive!

Rating: 5/5 Loved it, will repurchase

Use: Moisturiser. After cleansing and toning skin, dip the tips of two clean fingers into the pot, dot the moisturiser around your face and blend it in

Effect: Balances and hydrates skin, and leaves you feeling radiant. Side effects may include obsessive smelling and a citrus high

Smell: Sweet, fruity, citrus heaven. Exactly like lemon Chupa Chup lollypops, which aren’t sold anymore but I loved so much. I was addicted to the strawberry ones for a few years and this smell is like my own special kind of crack. Intoxicating!

Texture: Thicker than Vanishing Cream and Gorgeous, but still spreads easily, sinks in straight away, and leaves skin lovely and supple

Frequency: I currently use daily before bed

Vegan: Yes

Size: 45g, 3.5 cm tall, 7 cm top diameter, 5.5 cm bottom diameter

Lasts: A long time, I used well under a quarter with a month of daily use

Love: Oh my god the smell! Also feels divine, and isn’t heavy

Hate: That this smell isn’t in everything! It’s divine!

Condition: Arrived in perfect condition

Price: AU $34.95, US $39.95, UK £13.95

Storage: Self contained

Top Tip: If you happen to be as obsessed with chupa chups or citrus as me (I enjoy eating lemons and limes), get your hands on this baby


2 thoughts on “LUSH Review: Enzymion Moisturiser

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