LUSH Review: Phoenix Rising Bath Ballistic

phoenix rising

This ballistic/bath melt smells a lot like Fizzbanger, only with moisturising, shimmery, pink/purple water. I was pleased to find this ballistic didn’t stain me or the bath pink, which it has done for others, and that the gold shimmer is fairly subtle

Rating: 5/5 Loved it, will repurchase

Use: Bath ballistic/bath melt. Fill a bath with warm water and drop the product in

Effect: Slowly fizzes out to create moisturising, beetroot pink water with gold shimmer and thin swirls of foam

Smell: Like cinnamon and apple, very similar to Fizzbanger

Texture: The jojoba oil and shea butter left skin feeling moisturised, especially in areas that were skimming the top of the water such as my neck and boobs – I think the oils float to the top, so if you want to make the most of them you should slightly under fill the bath!

Frequency: I have tried this once, if I buy it again I will combine with a little bit of a bubble bar, because the beetroot coloured water was a little off-putting, but it was so much more moisturising than a regular ballistic

Vegan: Yes

Size: 100g, 5.5 cm diameter, 5.5 cm tall

Lasts: 1- 2 baths, took 10+ minutes to fizz out

Love: The smell and how moisturising it was

Hate: I didn’t like the colour (and will fix this with bubbles next time) and the chunks of cinnamon stick bark (which I will pick out before putting it in the bath). Also mine didn’t actually rise, this is a common complaint from Australian Lushies so maybe our manufacturers haven’t got it just right yet

Condition: Arrived in perfect condition

Price: AU $5.95, US $6.95, UK £3.25

Storage: Keep in the plastic or paper bag it came in, if naked pop into a reusable baggie to stop rubbing and keep in a box by the tub

Top Tip: Pick out the cinnamon stick chunks before draining the water, them chuck a jug of water around the tub to wash away the gold shimmer


3 thoughts on “LUSH Review: Phoenix Rising Bath Ballistic

  1. This was the bath ballistic that stained me purple and made me glittery in places one should never ever be glittery, ever haha. The woman in Lush suggested this last time I went in looking for something that would really soften my skin, when I told her of my experience, she admitted it gave her a free vajazzle too. I love Lush employees, they’re just so brill. 😀 It sadly stained my bath pink too, well my ex land lady’s bath, oops.

    Still there is no denying that it did smell lovely, and I did kind of like the water colour, although I was sad there were no bubbles, it looked so AMAZING in my bath with candles. 🙂 x

    • Yeah I remember you had problems with it so I did it on a day before the weekend to give me time to de-stain! Maybe the formula is slightly different in different countries?

      • Maybe it is, either that or I sat soaking in the bath for too long haha. To be fair it was a dry skin magnet, and I do suffer from dry skin quite badly… everywhere! Perhaps your skin is in better condition than mine!

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