LUSH Review: Cupcake Fresh Face Mask


This chocolaty face mask claims to reduce oil and calm breakouts. It does help bumpy skin, but takes some time.

This review was requested by jacquelyng56 who runs a beauty blog, go check her out!

Rating: 4/5 Liked it, may repurchase

Use:Fresh face mask. On freshly cleansed skin spread a scoop around the face and jaw, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Leave for ten minutes then remove with a face cloth or in the shower before toning and moisturising

Effect: Leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Wake up the next morning with reduced appearance of spots

Smell: Less like chocolate cupcakes and more like cocoa or choc mint

Texture: A thick paste, spreads fairly easily

Frequency: I recommend using this every day for a week during a breakout

Vegan: Yes

Size: 75g, 3.5 cm tall, 7 cm top diameter, 5.5 cm bottom diameter

Lasts: Has a 3 week expiry, can get 6-7 uses from a pot

Love: The smell and that it did help reduce a breakout

Hate: That the oil in the mixture sometimes separated in the pot, and that it didn’t do as much for breakouts as I was hoping

Condition: Arrived in good condition, some oil had separated out and leaked out the sides

Price: AU $16.95, US $6.95, UK £5.95

Storage: Like all fresh face masks this must be kept refrigerated

Top Tip: Apply with wet fingers to help spread it onto your face


3 thoughts on “LUSH Review: Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

  1. It actually looks like raw cake mix! I’ve heard of the cupcake mask, but always forget to look for it in store. I don’t get LUSH through the post much because the past few times I have things have leaked, been broken (bubble bars aren’t too bad broken, but the foot scrub was a nightmare.) OR its rained and the box it came in has been wrecked haha.

    I need to try this though, it sounds nice. 🙂

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