LUSH Review: Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

catastrophe cosmetic

This face mask claims to prevent disasters and save your skin. It was difficult to apply and didn’t do me any wonders but was a nice treat.

Rating: 2/5 Disliked it, won’t repurchase

Use: Fresh face mask. On freshly cleansed skin spread a scoop around the face and jaw, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Leave for ten minutes then remove with a face cloth or in the shower before toning and moisturising

Effect: Leaves skin feeling pampered, if not a little dry.

Smell: Amazing blueberry smell

Texture: Very thick and too solid. I wasn’t able to smooth it over my skin easily and found myself trying to press it on!

Frequency: I used this three times before giving up. It is just too difficult to apply

Vegan: Yes

(This photo was taken way past the expiry, after I had given up on using it long ago and forgotten about it in the fridge. It was a brighter purple/blue colour when bought)

Size: 75g, 3.5 cm tall, 7 cm top diameter, 5.5 cm bottom diameter

Lasts: Has a three week expiry, can get five or six uses from one pot

Love: The smell was really lovely

Hate: This was so difficult to apply as I couldn’t easily smooth it on and chunks kept falling off!

Condition: I bought this in store

Price: AU $16.95, US $6.95, UK £5.95

Storage: Like all fresh face masks this must be kept refrigerated

Top Tip: Apply with wet fingers to help spread it onto your face


7 thoughts on “LUSH Review: Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask

  1. I really want to try this one, but shame about it being so thick. I just did a review on the honey face mask, which I actually really liked. It was thick too, but still spreadable

    • It was quite disappointing as I really wanted to love it. I recently got my bf off his proactiv and got him a bunch of LUSH instead, he’s been using Cosmetic Warrior which is much easier to apply but doesn’t smell very nice and hasn’t really helped with his breakouts. I’m getting Cupcake for him this week and will try it for myself, I expect it will be much easier to use and hopefully is effective!

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