LUSH Mother’s Day 2014 First Impressions

My LUSH Mother’s Day limited edition products just arrived, so it’s time for some first impressions!

As you can see I got most of the products except for Wonder Woohoo bubble bar because of the glitter and The Mum bubble wand because it is sold out. I tend to buy two of each when I buy the limited edition products, but bubble wands last so long I only got one of each, and the Inhale Exhale bath ballistic sounded so good I got three!

Inhale Exhale is a smaller sized bath ballistic, the same size as Butterball. It has a 5 cm diameter and is 5.5 cm tall. Mine are a little crumbly under the word ‘exhale’ on the blue side and I can see the culprit is a little piece of paper poking out

You could split these into two separate baths, but I will probably use the whole thing in one bath because it is quite small

These smell a lot like smoky incense due to the cedarwood and sandalwood, and I am expecting them to make for super relaxing baths

Get your hands on one (or three) while they’re still around: AU $5.95, US $5.35, UK £3.25

The Mumkin (now reviewed) bubble bar is certainly the cutest of the lot! The sizes vary with a diameter of 5-5.5 cm and a height of 4-5 cm.

I’m going to get two baths out of each mumkin, but you could easily stretch it to four if you were more willing to cut them up!

The smell is fruity and floral, a bit like raspberries and violets, it will be interesting to see how it smells in the bath

Pick one up and cut it if you can: AU $5.95, US $6.95, UK £2.95

The Mum Tulip is a reusable bubble wand on a rather flimsy stick. It measures 7 cm across the top, 6 cm down the middle and is 2.5 cm tall

LUSH says you’ll get at least 10 bubbly baths from this if you dry it out between uses, which makes it great value

This shares the same scent as Sex Bomb; ylang ylang and jasmine. Hopefully it smells as gorgeous in the bath

For ten bubble baths with the lovely smell of Sex Bomb, this one is a bargain: AU $9.95, US $8.95, UK £5.25

The Secret Garden (now reviewed) bath ballistic is also the same size as Butterball, measuring 5 cm in diameter and 5.5 cm tall

I will be using these for one bath each because they are small, and with petals and flowers inside, there will be less actual bath ballistic

It has a pleasant citrus and floral smell, like orange and rose.

If you’re into citrus and rose, give this a go: AU $5.50, US $5.45, UK £2.95

Rose is a tiny bubble bar, and I mean tiny! At 50g it is the size of one half of a bubbleroon. It has a 5.5 cm diameter with a maximal height of 2.5 cm

I expect a maximum of two baths from this product, which is pretty poor for a bubble bar, considering it is the same price as it’s 100g counterparts. It had better deliver in the softness department!

This shares the scent of year round Amandopondo bubble bar, smelling of crisp lemon and gentle rose

If you wish Amandopondo was pink, shimmery, and twice the price, make sure you get a Rose: AU $5.95, US $4.95, UK £2.95

Madame Butterfly is another reusable bubble wand. It measures 8 cm across the top, 5 cm down the side, and is 2 cm tall

Again, it should last at least 10 baths, making it great value if you like the scent

Same smell as Rose Jam bubbleroon and Ro’s Argan body conditioner

Get your hands on ten bargain baths: AU $9.95, US $8.95, UK £5.25

That’s all of them! I hope that helps you decide what you may like to buy from this year’s Mother’s Day range. Let me know in the comments whether this has helped you and which ones you’re going to try or have already tried!


6 thoughts on “LUSH Mother’s Day 2014 First Impressions

  1. All the items are pretty small, aren’t they? I don’t see the point in making things like the Rose, when Amandopondo is exactly the same – why not do a new-scented bubble bar, or put the Amando scent in something else? 😛 Inhale Exhale smells fab 🙂
    Great review of everything!

    • Thanks 🙂 They all are quite small, it was my first thought once I set them all out and had a proper look at them! I adore the Inhale Exhale scent, I think I made a good choice to get three

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