LUSH Review: Bunch of Carrots (Easter)

Bunch of Carrots

These Easter line reusable bubble wands can be each be swished around for several softening bubble baths and are fantastic value for money

Rating: 4/5 Liked it, may repurchase

Use: Bubble wand. Swish one around while running a bath to create bubbles. Place it somewhere to dry out after use

Effect: Creates bubbles, slightly tints the water orange, leaves skin slightly moisturised

Smell: These have an unusual dry smell, but in the bath smell mostly like weak orange cordial

Texture: Feels super silky in the bath, the carrot oil leaves skin soft, smooth and slightly moisturised

Frequency: I have used once so far, I will probably get another bunch next year. Considering that you get so many uses out of them and they’re not my absolute favourite; I really don’t need two whole bunches and will probably give one bunch to my sister

Vegan: Yes

Size: 150g,  the biggest is 11.5 cm long and the smallest 9, the width at the top is 2.5 cm

Lasts: I used one carrot separately and it looks much the same after use, I’m expecting to get at least five uses per carrot, so a minimum of 15 baths per bunch. LUSH says you should get “at least 10 baths from each carrot”

Love: The value, the bubbles and how my skin felt afterwards

Hate: That the smell and colour were quite weak, this is probably just because of the amount of product that gets used and if you were to crumble it like a normal bubble bar I imagine these would be stronger.

Condition: Arrived in perfect condition

Price: AU $9.95, US $12.95, UK £5.95

Storage: Keep the unused carrots in the plastic or paper bag they came in, only return a carrot to the bag once it is fully dried out after use

Top Tip: Given this swishing method gives so many more baths per product than the usual method of crumbling the bubble bar, I’m going to try this with other bubble bars and see if I get the same result. Try it for yourself!


2 thoughts on “LUSH Review: Bunch of Carrots (Easter)

  1. This is the one Easter product I did not try from LUSH… I like the idea of the reusable bubble bar but mine last FOREVER! I literally just finished the Magic Wand one from the Easter collection… I try to get one around each holiday season… this year I opted for the Mum bubble bar stick! But these carrots look cool… maybe I should pick some up!

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