LUSH Review: Cinders Bath Ballistic (Christmas)


This Christmas line bath ballistic has popping candy and smells to remind you of a holiday fireside, but was a huge disappointment for me

Rating: 1/5 Hated it, will never repurchase

Use: Bath ballistic. Fill a bath with warm water and drop the ballistic in

Effect: Turns the water a weak yellow colour as if someone has peed in the bath, with a mild smell, drops pop rocks around the tub and stains your skin

Smell: I could detect cinnamon and the smell was a warm one but it wasn’t particularly strong

Texture: Didn’t change how the water felt and left abrasive pop rocks in the bottom

Frequency: Tried it once, never again

Vegan: Yes

Size: 100g, 6.5 cm long

Lasts: One bath, took about 3 minutes to fizz out

Love: Nothing, will not repurchase

Hate: This was a huge disappointment, not only was the colour weak, the rocks didn’t pop and it actually gave me some streaky yellow stains on my skin!

Condition: Traveled well, only a few pop rocks out of place

Price: AU $5.25 (or $2.63 on sale)

Storage: Keep in the plastic or paper bag it came in, if naked wrap in cling wrap to stop rubbing and keep in a box by the tub

Top Tip: If you want to try, wait until the Boxing Day sale in case you are as disappointed as me.


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