LUSH Review: Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser

angels on bare skin

This ground almond and lavender cleanser is fantastic. It lightly exfoliates, and doesn’t leave skin too dry or too oily. Great for everyday use and part of my daily sin routine

Rating: 5/5 Loved it, will repurchase

Use: Cleanser. Dampen face, pinch a large pea sized amount into your hand and either rub between your wet palms, or make a paste with a wet finger, then rub all over your face and jaw, then rinse off

Effect: Leaves skin clean, soft and lightly exfoliated

Smell: Lovely lavender and almond

Texture: Damp, grainy, clumps with occasional lavender flowers

Frequency: I use in the shower every morning

Vegan: Yes

Size: 100g, 5 cm tall, 7 cm top diameter, 5.5 cm bottom diameter

Lasts: A long time. I have been using every morning for a month and have only used about 10%

Love: That it lightly exfoliates to the perfect degree for everyday use

Hate: That it is a little more difficult to apply, being neither solid enough to pick up and rub on your face, nor a liquid you can just slap on

Condition: Bought in store

Price: 100g: AU $16.95, US $13.95, UK £6.35
          250g: US $33.95, UK £15.87

Storage: Self contained. Keep the lid on when not in use

Top Tip: Use this in the shower in the morning because it is a little messy and isn’t great at removing eye makeup, but is good at freshening your skin


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