LUSH Review: King of Skin Body Butter

king of skin

This bar is the perfect finish to a shower, it smells like white chocolate and gives you hydrated, silky soft skin all day

Rating: 5/5 Loved it, will repurchase

Use: Body Butter. After washing hair, face and body in the shower, step out of the water and apply to skin. Rinse off. Pat dry.

Effect: Leaves skin feeling a bit greasy, like it has been moisturised and had a little time to soak in.

Smell: Like white chocolate

Texture: This glides easily over skin and leaves behind a greasy residue. Leaves skin feeling soft, plump and hydrated all day long

Frequency: This is a regular for me, I rotate between this and Buffy body butter (review to come), using one up completely before switching to the other. I use them about twice a week and my skin has never been softer

Vegan: Yes

Size: 95g, 7 cm diameter, 3 cm tall

Lasts: Depends on how much area you cover, I got 13 uses doing my butt, thighs, arms and sometimes shoulders

Love: This really makes your skin feel divine all day and is so much quicker and easier than moisturising

Hate: That it’s not bigger

Condition: Arrived in perfect condition

Price: AU $12.95, US $13.95, UK £5.50

Storage: You need to keep this out of the water otherwise it will melt away. I keep mine in LUSH’s body butter tin, which is a perfect fit for it and the other square body butters

Top Tip: I really recommend you get the body butter tin! AU $5.95, US $3.95, UK £2.95



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