LUSH Review: You’ve Been Mangoed

youve been mangoed

This bath melt contains mango butter, but smells strongly of lemongrass and lime! It softened and moisturised but doesn’t live up to what I would call “luxurious”

Rating: 4/5 Liked it, may repurchase

Use: Bath melt. Pop in the bath while running to soften the water

Effect: Creates murky water with a thin layer of foamy bubbles. Leaves skin slightly moisturised

Smell: Lemongrass and lime, I adore this scent

Texture: Feels silky in the bath, leaves skin soft, hydrated, and slightly moisturised

Frequency: I have only purchased once, I tried first using a third, and another time using two thirds. Since I have determined that it’s not really strong enough to break up and needs to be used all in one hit, and is hence more expensive, but not as moisturising as Butterball (review to come); I’m unlikely to get another unless it’s included in a gift set I like.

Vegan: Yes

Size: 30g. 6 cm long, 3 cm wide, 1.5 cm tall

Lasts: One bath. I really think you need to use the whole thing, it simply isn’t moisturising enough otherwise

Love: The smell is divine, I felt lovely and soft afterwards, and it was relaxing

Hate: That it isn’t as moisturising as I expected and can’t be used effectively in multiple baths

Condition: As you can see, mine got a little smooshed on top, but if I were to buy this again I would still be happy to buy it online

Price: AU $8.50, US $6.25, UK £3.25

Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight or it will melt. I kept mine by the bath in the bag it came in, but if you are in a warmer climate you may need to keep it cool so that it doesn’t melt

Top Tip: If you really love the lemongrass smell, pair this with the Christmas Snow Globe Soap (review to come) or Avobath


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