LUSH Review: Sparkle Toothy Tabs

sparkle toothy tab

These toothy tabs are a solid toothpaste with recyclable packaging, but the unconventional flavour makes the whole experience super weird

Rating: 2/5 Disliked it, won’t repurchase

Use: Solid toothpaste. Crunch between your front teeth and brush with a wet toothbrush.

Effect: Leaves teeth feeling very smooth and clean, and gives your mouth and tongue a warm feeling like you have been eating cloves

Smell/Taste: These smell awful and initially tasted indescribably awful too, after a few uses they are tolerable though

Texture: Like a chalky tablet that froths up

Frequency: I got a sample of these, but am far from converted

Vegan: Yes

Size: (40 = 12g) 8 mm diameter

Lasts: Each tab is good for one use. There are 40 tabs in the full size box, so they would last 20 days.

Love: My teeth really felt super clean after using these!

Hate: The weird taste and that after spitting once, all the froth is gone. Also the price of these quickly adds up

Condition: Sample arrived in perfect condition

Price: AU $2.95, US $4.95, UK £2.50

Storage: They come in a little cardboard box that you can keep with your toothbrush

Top Tip: Ask for a sample in your next order if you are interested in trying them and find out if they’re your thing before buying


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