LUSH Review: Breath of Fresh Air Toner

breath of fresh air

This toner makes skin feel incredible and nourished, as well as helping combat shiny foreheads! This is a staple in my daily skin routine

Rating: 5/5 Loved it, will repurchase

Use: Toner. After cleansing, spray either directly onto face or onto fingers and pat onto face, follow with moisturiser

Effect: Reduces shininess and tightness. Makes skin feel supple.

Smell: Gentle aloe vera and rose, doesn’t linger after application of moisturiser

Texture: Thin liquid, like water. Makes skin feel supple and hydrated

Frequency: I use this every day, morning and night

Vegan: Yes

Size: 100g, 12.5 cm tall, 4 cm diameter

Lasts: A long time. I have used about a quarter of the small size in a month and a half with twice daily use

Love: That this really helps make my shiny forehead look matte, and makes my skin feel amazing

Hate: That my spray top is more of a squirt top, so I can’t just spritz this directly onto my face

Condition: Arrived in perfect condition

Price: 100g: AU $9.95, US $9.95, UK £3.95
250g: AU $19.95, US $21.95, UK £7.50

Storage: Self contained

Top Tip: Try out the small size to see if it’s for you before you commit to a big one


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