LUSH Review: Karma Bubble Bar

karma bubble bar

If you want some expensive bubble bath this is the bar for you! If you’re after some additional colour or smell; give this one a miss

Use: Bubble bar. Crumble under the tap whilst running a bath to create bubbles

Rating: 3/5 Not great, unlikely to repurchase

Effect: Creates bubbles. Very weak smell and no colour change

Smell: Most notable note once in the water was a soapy smell

Texture: The bar itself is very course and grainy, once in the bath it melts away into neutral water – not drying or moisurising. Did make my skin feel smooth after use

Frequency: Used one bar in two baths. I won’t be buying this again because the smell is so weak

Vegan: Yes

Size: 100g, 6.5 cm wide, 2.5 cm thick

Lasts: 2-4 baths depending on how many bubbles you want. I thought this made more bubbles with less product than The Comforter

Love: Makes a lot of bubbles

Hate: Very weak smell, didn’t colour the water. Just expensive bubble bath

Condition: Arrived in one piece

Price: AU $8.50, US $8.60, UK £3.25

Storage: Keep it in the plastic or paper bag it came in until ready to break off a chunk for use

Top Tip: Don’t get sucked in by this one just because you love the scent


4 thoughts on “LUSH Review: Karma Bubble Bar

  1. I didn’t really love this one either. I’ve tried basically all the bubble bars they have… time to release some new ones!

  2. So happy I didn’t purchase this the last time I was in Lush, I picked up a face mask instead and now that I know it’s not that great I’m delighted! Great, honest review 🙂

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