LUSH Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin

I have combination skin, and by this I mean that I have an oily, shiny forehead, my nose gets oily and is riddled with big pores and blackheads and the rest of my face is fairly normal but prone to getting dry. If I get spots (usually around my period) they tend to be on my forehead, cheek or chin. Does this sound like you at all?

I discovered LUSH cosmetics towards the end of last year and since switching over to their products I can honestly say my skin has never been better. I am frequently complemented on my complexion and how smooth and supple my skin looks. I am totally converted! Below is a run down of my skin care routine, with links to my products review.

Morning Routine

Cleanse: Angels on Bare Skin. I shower in the mornings and use this to give my face a good clean before I start my day
Tone: Breath of Fresh Air. Don’t forget to tone! This toner helps reduce shine and feeds skin without making it oily
Moisturise: Vanishing Cream. This is a really light, low fat moisturiser that helps combat oiliness while keeping skin nourished

Bedtime Routine

Cleanse: 9 to 5. I use this in the evenings to remove make up and give my skin a quick clean
Tone: Breath of Fresh Air. Once again, toning really helps keep your skin balanced, so don’t skip it!
Moisturise: I like to give my skin more moisture at night when I’m less worried about it making me look oily. If I have particular dry spots I will rub on a little Full of Grace before I moisturise. I am yet to find a go to moisturiser as I am still trying them out, but so far have loved Enzymion as well as a sample pot of Gorgeous (seriously get yourself a sample!).


Face Mask: Mask of Magnaminty. This is a fantastic mask. It reduces spots, balances skin and helps prevent breakouts. I also use it as a spot treatment.

That’s my routine and it does wonders for me! I hope this post and the individual reviews help you out with some ideas if you have combination skin. Comment letting me know how you care for your skin type.


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