LUSH Review: Cosmetic Warrior

cosmetic warrior

This mask claims to be a superhero to soothe all troubled skin, but was ineffective in a 2 week trial during a breakout

Rating: 1/5 Hated it, will never repurchase

Use: Fresh face mask. On freshly cleansed skin spread a scoop around the face and jaw, avoiding the eyes and mouth. Leave for ten minutes then remove with a face cloth or in the shower before toning and moisturising

Effect: Leaves skin feeling clean and oil free, but doesn’t reduce redness or spots

Smell: Unpleasant garlic and tea tree, stings the nostrils

Texture: Smooth with little garlic chunks. Spreads very well

Frequency: My boyfriend trialed this every day for over 2 weeks

Vegan: No, contains egg and honey

Size: 75g, 3.5 cm tall, 7 cm top diameter, 5.5 cm bottom diameter

Lasts: Has a three week expiry, can get about 10 uses per pot

Love: Nothing

Hate: The smell and that it isn’t effective

Condition: Arrived in perfect condition both times

Price: AU $16.96, US Shops only, UK £5.95

Storage: Like all fresh face masks this must be kept refrigerated

Top Tip: Don’t hang your hopes on it!


3 thoughts on “LUSH Review: Cosmetic Warrior

  1. Bummer! I’ve never tried anything LUSH except bath products, have been told by many to steer away from their skin care range. Do you like any of their other skin care products?

    • I actually like a lot of their skin care and have switched entirely to LUSH, I must get around to reviewing it all.
      I love the mask of magnaminty, it actually reduces redness and I think it helps stop breakouts, really good for oily skin.
      Also everyday I use angels on bare skin cleanser, breath of fresh air toner and vanishing cream in the morning and do the same in the evening except I just switch the cleanser for 9-5 because it’s better for removing makeup and is less messy.
      I’ve also just switched my bf from proactiv to LUSH and am using a whole bunch of others with him until we work out the perfect balance – Cosmetic Warrior did not make the grade unfortunately.
      Anyway that was long-winded, but I do love their skin care range and will fast-track my reviews!

      • Cool, I look forward to reading them… although, I’m a dry-skinned girl and it sounds like you have oily skin, so what works for you probably won’t for me 🙂

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