LUSH Review: Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic

sex bomb

This ballistic claims to have aphrodisiac properties, it smells nice but was nothing special to me

Rating: 3/5 Not great, unlikely to repurchase

Use: Bath ballistic. Fill a bath with warm water and drop the ballistic in

Effect: Fizzes out to create pink water with a subtle smell that lingers on the skin and the rose floats around the tub

Smell: Romantic ylang ylang and jasmine, like something a true lady would smell of. Doesn’t smell as strong in the bath

Texture: Only slightly moisturising

Frequency: Tried once, not something I need to buy again as there was nothing incredible about it

Vegan: Yes

Size: 200g, 6.5 cm tall, 6.5 cm diameter

Lasts: One bath, 3 mins to fizz out

Love: The smell it leaves on your skin and how it smells before use. Would be great for scenting a drawer or suitcase.

Hate: The rose floating around was a bit annoying

Condition: Arrived by mail in perfect condition

Price: AU $6.75, US $6.65, UK £3.25

Storage: Keep in the plastic or paper bag it came in, if naked wrap in cling wrap to stop rubbing and keep in a box by the tub

Top Tip: This leaves a grainy purple residue around the rim and pink granules in the bottom, but it is easily removed, so chuck a jug of water around the tub after use


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