LUSH Christmas in July 2014 First Impressions

LUSH Australia is celebrating Christmas in July with a limited release of Christmas goodies! I’ve picked up a few and am ready to give some first impressions.

I got the Celebrate body lotion and one of each of the bath products except for Christmas Eve which I still have a half left of from last Christmas! I didn’t bother with the soap, shower jellies or body washes, as I’m still working through a 500 ml Olive Branch (review to come), and also didn’t get the Maple Taffy lip balm.

If you missed out, never fear! These items are coming to Aussie stores later in the week, and the Christmas range will be launched in early October. Now on to the impressions!

Bombardino is a cute little bath ballistic, with cocoa butter, chocolate drop eyes and some shimmery white and gold lustre. The head is the size of half a butterball with a diameter of 5.5 cm and he’s 7 cm tall.

He’s only a little fella so I’m only going to get one bath from this guy.

Lemon, bergamot, lavender and gardenia give this guy his signature gentle citrus ‘lemon cheesecake’ smell

Currently sold out online, grab a few in store if you can, I know I’ll be stocking up later in the year: AU $5.50

As you can see my Luxury Lush Pud didn’t make it all in one piece! If it weren’t smashed up this bath ballistic would have measured 7cm wide and 7 cm tall

I’m probably going to get one use out of this because I don’t adore the smell, but you could stretch it to two or three

This is supposed to smell like Twilight, but the dry smell of this is exactly like the dry smell of Immaculate Eggception from the Easter range. The burnt sugar smell overpowers the other scents, but for a whiff of lavender – hopefully these come out more in the water

Get yours pre-smashed online or snag a whole one in store: AU $6.75

Candy Mountain is a conical bubble bar that resembles French Kiss in shape, but the similarities end there. It has a base diameter of 6.5 cm and a height of 8 cm

I cut this shimmery beauty into four pieces, but you could do just two if your’e feeling indulgent

This has a very sweet raspberry cordial smell, much like Bunny bubble bar from the Easter range

For the number of baths you can expect this is fairly priced: AU $6.50

Celebrate is a gorgeous thick body lotion that melts easily into the skin, perfect for the winter months. It’s in a large pot, measuring 9 cm tall, 8 cm top diameter, 6 cm bottom diameter

I expect this baby will last me well until December, if not longer.

This smells sweetly of cut limes and orange rind, absolutely divine. I have not stopped smelling my hand since rubbing a little on

Currently sold out online, I highly recommend you snag this in store: AU $28.95

Golden wonder is covered in a coat of golden lustre that gets all over your fingers (but washes of super easily) and has an ingredient listed of ‘edible golden stars’, though cracking it open didn’t reveal these, maybe they are buried in the walls. It’s 7×7 cm across and 7 cm tall

You could easily get two uses from this big pressie, or treat yourself with just one

Smells a bit like Celebrate with orange, lime, cognac and gardenia

This one is bigger than your average ballistic and incurs a bigger fee: AU $7.50

Those are my Christmas in July first impressions, hopefully it helps you decide what you might like to try, either now or when the whole range arrives!

My favourites so far are Bombardino, Celebrate and Golden Wonder, but first impressions aren’t everything! Stay tuned as full reviews will be coming out as I use the products.

Let me know in the comments if you want to see more first impressions and whether you’re going to try out any of the products 🙂


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