LUSH Review: 9 to 5 Cleanser

9 to 5

A fantastic, easy facial cleanser that removes makeup with ease. This is my daily night time cleanser and is part of my daily skin routine

Rating: 5/5 Loved it, will repurchase

Use: Facial cleanser. Dampen skin with a cloth, squirt a pea size onto clean fingertips and rub all over face and closed eyes, wipe off with a wet cloth.

Effect: Cleans skin and removes makeup (even heavy black eye-liner)

Smell: Strong orchid scent

Texture: Smooth soapy cream, similar to moisturiser

Frequency: I use this every single night to remove eye makeup and clean away the day’s grime

Vegan: Yes

Size: 240g (big one), 14 cm tall from bottom to top of lid, 5.5 cm diameter

Lasts: A very long time! I have used it about 50 times and have only used down to the top of the label!

Love: It’s easy, effective, cheap, gentle, gets off eyeliner and doesn’t sting my eyes

Hate: I’m not a huge fan of the smell as I’m not really into florals, but it’s not off putting and it doesn’t linger after I have toned and moisturised

Condition: Travels perfectly

Price: 95g: AU $9.95, US $10.95, UK £4.95
       240g: AU $17.95, US $21.95, UK £9.50

Storage: Self contained

Top Tip: Use with a face cloth instead of a tissue pad as you can dampen your face before applying, then wet to help wipe it off. Also it’s better for the environment.


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