LUSH Review: The Comforter Bubble Bar


I adore LUSH’s The Comforter Bubble Bar. It’s my favourite, if you haven’t tried it yet you really must.

Rating: 6/5 Incredible product, will repurchase forever

Use: Bubble bar. Crumble under the tap whilst running a bath to create bubbles

Effect: Turns the water pink and bubbly with a lovely smell

Smell: Delicious, juicy blackberries. Bliss

Texture: The bar itself is very course and grainy, once in the bath it melts away into silky pink water

Frequency: My absolute favourite bath product, a weekly staple unless trying out something else

Vegan: Yes

Size: 200g Usually about 3 cm tall with a 9 cm diameter

Lasts: 4-10 baths, depending on how much colour and bubbles you want. I cut this into six pieces and wrap them in cling wrap. I am very happy with the amount of bubbles this gives me.

Love: The smell, the feel, the bubbles, the price

Hate: Nothing!

Condition: Travels very well in the mail, came in one piece

Price: AU $10.50, US $10.95, UK £4.50

Storage: If you cut it, wrap the pieces in cling wrap and keep in a box by the bath, otherwise keep it in the plastic or paper bag it came in

Top Tip: Wet a chunk and rub it into your arms and legs to exfoliate and leaves behind a moisturising pink cream that makes you so silky smooth and very touchable.


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