LUSH Easter 2014 First Impressions

Because it can take me a while to write reviews, (see my recent Father Christmas review!) I thought it might be helpful to do a first impressions post for some Easter items while you still have time to buy them!

My first Easter order arrived today with the three items pictured. Both colours of the Immaculate Eggception bath bombs were out of stock for my first order but came back in stock soon after, I have now reviewed them. I also couldn’t wait to use the Bunny Bubble Bar and so have already reviewed that one!

I am not getting Golden Egg because I don’t like glitter, Carrot Soap because I don’t like solid soap, or Fluffy Egg because I didn’t want a candy scented bath – but I may have made the wrong decision on that one! Any way…. down to the impressions:

The Bunch of Carrots (now reviewed) bubble bar wands were smaller than I had been expecting; the biggest is 11.5 cm long and the smallest 9, the width at the top is 2.5 cm.

I expect to use half a carrot per bath, so six baths makes this pretty good value.

They smell like bergamot and black jellybeans, an intriguing smell, I don’t know that it would be great for a bath smell but I’ll find out in due course.

Get ’em while they’re hot: AU $9.95, US $12.95, UK £5.95

The Brightside bubble bar (now reviewed) is similar in size to The Comforter, it measures 9.5 cm long, 7 cm wide and 3 cm tall.

I expect to get 4-6 baths out of this, so again it is great value.

It smells like a cut mandarin and contains mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oils, so get it if you love your citrus.

This is now part of the permanent line in the UK, I’m not sure if this will happen anywhere else. Anyway you can get it online for: AU $10.50, US $10.95, UK £4.50

Let me know in the comments if this post was helpful and whether you would like more first impression posts in future 🙂


2 thoughts on “LUSH Easter 2014 First Impressions

    • That’s the best way I can describe it! It’s a herbally citrus? Haha anyway I’ll post a review when I get around to using it, hopefully some time in the next week 🙂

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