LUSH Review: Happy Pill Bath Ballistic (Retro)

happy pill

This retro ballistic smells like smooth citrus heaven and feels silky in the water, but wasn’t great enough to justify its comeback.

Rating: 3.5/5 Liked it, but unlikely to repurchase

Use: Bath ballistic. Fill a bath with warm water and drop the ballistic in

Effect: Fizzes out to create murky orange water with a film of swirly, fine bubbles on top, with a citrus smell that lingers on the skin

Smell: Like mandarin, grapefruit and olive oil. Apparently one half is scented like The Olive Branch (review to come) and the other Happy Hippy

Texture: The water felt smooth and silky, but after the bath my skin only felt very slightly softer and I still moisturised some areas

Frequency: I bought two of these because they were limited and I wanted to try them out, but I won’t be rushing to buy again if they ever come back

Vegan: Yes

Size: 180g, 10 cm diameter, 3 cm tall

Lasts: 1-4 baths. Took about 7 minutes to fizz out. I used a whole one because I was having a deep bath, but next time will use the two halves separately

Love: The size and smell of this and how long it took to fizz out. A relaxing yet refreshing bath

Hate: That it wasn’t more of a hit with me

Condition: Arrived with a few bumps along the bottom edge, but otherwise in great condition

Price: AU $6.75 (Retro: currently out of stock)

Storage: Keep in the plastic or paper bag it came in, if cutting into pieces, wrap in cling wrap and keep in a box by the tub

Top Tip: Don’t stock up just because it’s limited! Limited retro is not necessarily great


5 thoughts on “LUSH Review: Happy Pill Bath Ballistic (Retro)

  1. Yeah, I just don’t dig “citrus” in my baths. At all.

    You’re spot on about not getting sucked in my the limited edition retro thing; I bought two Two Timing Tart bubble bars for that reason. It’s not amazing, but I don’t hate it, thankfully lol.

    • I got two of those too. I really need to stop buying any more bath products because I got The Art of Bathing for Valentine’s Day and it’s going to take me ages to get through everything I have now, but I got sucked in because they were retro. Thankfully I don’t hate mine either! Yet to try the bubble bar, though how wrong can you go with strawberries 🙂

      • So true, it does smell nice… I still love The Comforter as my absolute favourite though. I got The Art of Bathing about 2 years ago, loved it!

        My birthday was December, then Christmas, then valentines… I had mentioned LUSH to everyone who asked, no one bought it. Boo!

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