The Leibster Award


I was nominaed for The Leibster Award by the lovely Alice at Strange Made Me. My understanding of this is that it’s a way to help get exposure for bloggers with less than 200 followers and that you get to find out a lot of fun things about people! So here are my answers to Alice’s questions!

1. What’s the farthest away from home you have ever been?
Bulgaria. I live in Tasmania, Australia so Bulgaria is pretty far! I have actually been there twice because my father lives there; I went over once for his wedding (Bulgarian weddings have a lot of quirky traditions!) and another time for a catch up/holiday thing, which in reality was just me and my sister watching Animal Planet on TV for 3 weeks – riveting. I enjoyed spending some time in the tourist areas on the Black Sea on my first visit, but seeing the rest of Bulgaria is sometimes quite sad. It is a fairly poor country, and there is a lot of poverty. I won’t be going back.

2. Do you have any subconscious habits?
I am a lip/cheek chewer and a jaw clencher! It’s actually very bad because clenching your jaw is worse for you than grinding your teeth. I notice myself doing it during the day and wake up doing it at night. I really need to see a dentist and get myself a mouth guard or something. I’m trying to reduce my stress to help stop me from doing it, but as a final year medical student there’s only so much stress I can eliminate!

3. What is the most expensive decorative object you have ever bought?
Probably this gorgeous pair of elephants (don’t mind the dust!). From memory the big one was $40 and the smaller one $20, which for me is actually a huge amount to spend on something that’s purely decorative, but I just loved them and had to have them both. They are actually made of porcelain but are painted to look like wood. The smaller one fell over once and broke his trunk, but I glued it back on and you can hardly tell 🙂

4. Favourite sandwich filling?
Curried egg all the way. I love curried egg and always have. I remember getting teased occasionally in primary school if I ever took a curried egg sandwich, because kids thought it made you fart! Anyway I rarely have curried egg anymore, but if I do I like to toast the sandwich as well – double yum 🙂

5. If you could be an animal, what would you be?
A leopard or a hippo. I have always loved big cats and if you asked me a year ago I would have been sure about being a leopard. But I recently spent some time in South Africa over the summer as part of my medical elective and visited Kruger Park for a few nights, where I couldn’t help but notice how happy the hippos were! They are totally in their element in the water. There are no predators, they don’t have to worry about hunting down food, they just get to wallow about with their friends and family and snack all day! Sounds pretty perfect to me.

6. Have you ever been to A&E?
I have been a few times actually. The first was when I was nine and I ended up getting my appendix out. The most recent, and most embarrassing was just last year when I woke up with severe pain in my leg and had great difficulty walking. I immediately freaked out and thought I must have had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis), and went straight to emergency. This was embarrassing because I had completed my emergency rotation and was known by the staff, and several of my classmates saw me there and wanted to know what was wrong with me, and I was panicking and having a bit of a teary, so the whole thing was not fun. I just felt so much more vulnerable as the patient because I knew the staff, and everyone who recognised me wanted to know what was wrong with me, which just made me feel quite invaded. What’s worse is that I didn’t even have a DVT! (The only time I’ll ever wish I actually did have a DVT haha) After getting an ultrasound that was normal, it turned out it was just a muscle cramp, so at the end I just felt really stupid and awful.

7. Do you have any pets?
Yes. At the beginning of the year my partner and I moved house and the owners had left behind their cat when they moved out. When we moved in he had been alone for several weeks and was quite emaciated, had a broken rib, had ticks and was beginning to lose his fur. It was truly awful, he was the skinniest cat I have ever seen, and I cried when we found him. We named him Richard Parker, after the tiger in Life of Pi. The local vet was able to give us some advice about re-feeding him and getting rid of the tics, and from his vet records could tell us a little bit about him. Richard is now a healthy weight and is the happiest and loveliest cat I’ve ever known. He loves cuddles, tuna, rolling in dirt, and pats around the ears. He walks around the garden with me like a dog would, and only ever meows if I’m a little late with his dinner or if he’s in another room and is calling out to find me. He is so loving, and I’ll take him with me wherever I may move!


8. Who do you look up to the most?
My partner. We met in our first year of medical school and have been together ever since. There is a lot about him that I look up to and aspire to. He is a hard worker, very self-disciplined, and does a lot more study than I do. He does things well before they are due, whereas I am more of a procrastinator and put things off until the last minute. Being many years older than me, he has also changed career paths several times and I really respect him for doing something as demanding as medicine as a mature age student, instead of just continuing in a job he didn’t enjoy.

9. If your house was on fire and you could only save 3 things, what would you save?
My laptop and computer, because they are the most valuable things I own and contain lots of irreplaceable files. And the box that contains all my old books full of stories and house drawings. (This is of course assuming my partner and Richard are not trapped inside!)

10. Are you a tidy or a messy person?
I am a messy person who loves to pretend I am a tidy person! I do my fair share of procrasti-cleaning and I get a lot of enjoyment out of organising things and tidying my desk, but in a few days things are messy again!

11. What is your favourite ‘me time’ thing to do?
I have three go-to things that I do when I am feeling stressed or need some time alone to clear my head. If I am feeling particularly overwhelmed I lie in bed for a while and may watch some YouTube on my phone, or just lay there doing nothing! If I want to relax and reset I will have a bath with something from LUSH of course! And if I want to just do something fun and enjoy myself I will play a bit of WoW (World of Warcraft). If you don’t play it, you will no doubt assume now that I am a total loser, and a few years ago I would have thought the same thing, but what can I say; don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! Sure it’s a waste of time, but so is watching TV or playing any other type of game, whether it’s on your phone, your computer or a console, and I don’t own a TV or play other games so it’s not such a big deal.

Now for my nominees of 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers:

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Your 11 questions are:

1) What was the last movie you watched and did you like it?

2) If you had to change your name to something totally different what would you change it to?

3) What is your favourite piece of stationary/office equipment?

4) What’s the strangest place you’ve ever slept?

5) What’s your favourite feature about yourself?

6) Have you ever had an operation or broken a bone?

7) Would you prefer a city apartment, beach house, or cottage hideaway?

8) What’s your favourite smell?

9) Are you more productive during the morning or night?

10) What’s your biggest pet peeve?

11) What would be your dream job?

Looking forward to everyone’s responses, I had a lot of fun reading Alice’s post and making mine!


13 thoughts on “The Leibster Award

  1. Oh. YOU PLAY WORLD OF WARCRAFT TOO!? Do you realise how cool that makes you!? 😀 Must. Not. Have a WoW Geekout.

    I loved reading this! Although what on earth is curried egg? It sounds, well… I’m not sure how it sounds! 😀

    I’m so glad Richard has turned out so well! We had a re-homed cat that had been abused and she went the opposite way, hated everyone and everything sadly. But it’s lovely that he’s so happy now, I could cry that story is so sweet 🙂 Xx

    • Yay, someone else who plays WoW! Glad that it gives me some cool cred for once haha.

      Curried egg is where you hard boil some eggs, mash them up small with a fork, and add in mayonnaise and curry powder. Then just spread it on some bread!

      We were really super lucky that Richard was grateful rather than resentful, he is truly the nicest cat I’ve ever had.

      Thanks again for the nomination! It was heaps of fun 🙂

      • Hehe, anytime! 🙂

        I get really excited when I find other WoW players, especially in really unexpected places haha.

        I don’t think I like the sound of curried eggs, I’m not a huge fan of curry in general. Maybe next time I make egg mayo I will give it a try! x

  2. I’m at the top of your list, does that mean you love me most? LOL… thanks for the nomination x

  3. Hi Dr! Thanks for the nomination 😊 I loved reading your answers. Especially about Richard. He’s gorgeous! It makes me so happy that you found each other. What a beautiful, kind person you are.

    PS. Life of Pi is my favourite book! ♥

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