From the Vault: Smattering of Stickers


My biggest childhood regret is not using my stickers every time I wanted to.

I used to buy all kinds of stickers – pretty ones, sparkly ones, bumpy ones, alphabet ones… all kinds. And I kept them all in a folder. But I hardly used them, because they were of course too special for whatever use I had in mind and needed to be saved for more worthy causes.

Nothing ever was deemed worthy of all the stickers I wanted to use on it, and so it was that nothing ever received the smattering of stickers I so wanted to give everything.

And so I came out of that childhood sticker phase clutching a folder full of precious stickers, now too tacky for me to ever want to use – leaving behind only a thousand lost opportunities to glorify my possessions with the incredible power of the best, shiniest stickers.

I wish I had of used every one of them every time I wanted to.


One thought on “From the Vault: Smattering of Stickers

  1. Stickers, gel pens (the smelly ones and the sparkly ones), novelty rubbers, sequins and pompoms you used to get in those craft sets… I never used them either. Sometimes, if I had sticker sheets with multiples on I would use them and just save one of each kind. I’d use the gel pens too until they ink reached about a cm from the silver end. I wish I’d have been more adventurous when it came to stickers and such too. *sigh* oh well…

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