Advice: Find Out Your Personality Type – Feel Less Weird About Yourself


If you don’t know your personality type, stop what you are doing right now, because things are about to make a lot more sense! Finding out my personality type (beyond just introverted vs extroverted) really helped me to understand myself and how I operate, it has helped me combat my weaknesses and play to my strengths. It made me feel less like a weirdo and more like a normal human.

Take a totally free 20 minute test HERE
Or take the full assessment and learn about personality tests for $50 HERE
Once you know your type, read more about it HERE

Both my partner and I have taken both tests and got the same results, and the free test is actually quite a fair test and provides a lot of information on your personality type. But if you want to learn more about personality types and know for sure what yours is, the paid test is very good.

infjThe Myers-Briggs personality test defines 16 different personality types, based on a combination of four variables. My type is INTJ. Though my Feeling is very well developed, which makes me a little less like a computer! Both INTJ and INFJ are very rare types. But I find that the INTJ descriptions fit me almost perfectly, except for areas where I am more of a Feeler than a Thinker – it is actually a little creepy how perfectly they describe me!

Anyway this is an unusual post, but I find it so amazing and fascinating and think so many people could benefit from understanding their personality type better. Seriously if you haven’t done so yet, find out your personality type and let me know what you thought of your analysis in the comments!

And if you want to find out your Simpson type go HERE


3 thoughts on “Advice: Find Out Your Personality Type – Feel Less Weird About Yourself

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you found something interesting there. I checked out your blog today and am enjoying reading it. Good luck with your goals and dreams wherever they may lead you, into medicine or writing, a combination of both, or off in a completely new direction. I like how you keep your options open!

    • Thank you! I think it’s important to keep an open mind. Medicine is one big conveyor belt with everyone going in the same direction until they pick a specialty, and most people forget that it’s ok to get off, and that it won’t necessarily get better!

  2. Hi. I noticed you were following my blog and your name was familiar so I decided to have a look at yours too and you seems hilariously/weirdly similar to me. Down to both being INTJ’s. I feel exactly the same – so happy to have a way to define myself without feeling like a total weirdo outcast. I think we represent 0.5% of the female population… go us!

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